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Abrar Qureshi is our principal technologist, strategist, and advisor

Photo of Abrar Qureshi, Principal Technologist

With nearly three decades of experience, Abrar Qureshi excels in driving technological innovation across both the commercial and public sectors. His distinguished career includes a recent role as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the General Services Administration (GSA) and pivotal positions at Freddie Mac, Capital One, KeyBank, as well as startups like HelloWallet and GPARENCY. These experiences have sharpened his understanding of the diverse needs of various organizations and enhanced his skill in crafting and executing forward-thinking technology strategies.

Abrar's expertise spans several domains including Commercial Real Estate, Consumer Banking, Fintech, Mortgage Backed Securities, and Telecom. He is a lifelong learner, currently eager to delve into healthcare and climate sciences to broaden his knowledge further.

His technical strengths lie in building large-scale distributed systems and leading high-performing engineering teams. Although he has not pursued formal training in Data Sciences, he has successfully developed multiple production systems that integrate Artificial Intelligence. Currently, he is actively exploring Generative AI to identify its practical applications in the industry.